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Baltimore Chemical Association Officers for 2019

The Baltimore Chemical
Association Officers for 2019.
Tom Lucas
Vice President Rich Dimarcantonio
Secretary Treasurer
Tara Lucas


This is a great club, to help it continue to improve, please get involved and be an active part of the club. If you are interested in being involved, please contact a board member, contact information can be found on the BCA website.

Our dues this year will be $100.00. We prefer that you pay by check, but if necessary we will accept Credit Cards for payment of your dues. Attached you will find a form to be filled out and returned to the Club Office, you may also register online at Please include your business card; we want to use the card to get everyone’s correct email addresses in our system. If your email address changes over the course of the year, please notify Robert Johnson so we can update it.

Please be aware that some of your companies email in boxes may strip or cancel attachments sent by the BCA.   If you select your company email for BCA announcements, you should advise your IT department that the BCA email ( is a safe address.

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